Website Disruption

Website Disruption

Why is my site down?
Your website is currently down due to your DNS being delegated within a domain registrar we cannot control.

What is a DNS server?
This helpful video will help explain the importance of a Domain Name Server.

Was Imavex aware of the shutdown of the DNS servers prior to them being shut down?
No, we had no prior notification on a specific date that the Name Servers were shut down.  However, we were told that the Nettica server were being depreciated and that our clients needed to be moved to the following new name servers.  We are addressing this issue with the new provider, DYN

Was a notification sent out to me that I needed to take action?
An important reminder was sent to all of our clients in June of 2015 that requested a change to your DNS Change.  However, the language in the email was not explicitly clear on what steps to take to migrate your DNS servers.

How do I find out who owns my domain?
The easiest method to find your domain name is to click on the link below.  This link will direct you to a site with a tool that will give you all of the important information regarding your domain.

Who can help me change my domain name?
Typically, the administrative contact can make this change.  However, we know that sometimes our clients need a little guidance on what to do.  If you would like some assistance with this change, please contact us at 317-774-7460 and we will assist you.

Main DNS Providers:
Network Solutions:

Will something like this happen again?
While we do not expect this type of consolidation to happen again, it is possible that another acquisition could happen that mandates businesses to change your domain name again.  At Imavex, we encourage our client to follow common best practices for managing your domain name.  These practices have been listed below:

Best practices for managing your domain names for businesses
Ideally ALL domain names are managed by ONE dedicated service provider that offers domain management as their core business. Good providers are and

This service provider should give your business full access to all the records stored with your domain and have DNS functionality

The login information for this service provider should be stored in a save place and more than one person should be in the know about it

Set domains to auto-renewal

Update the WHOIS information of the domain names ... it is the only way to proof that you are the owner of the domains if there is a dispute

The records stored with a domain can be managed by a service provider (web designer, design agency) - but the login information needs to be changed after the relationship or project is completed.

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