Add a page or link to a drop down menu group

This is a pretty straight forward tutorial on how to go about this.  So let's get started!

1. Login as usual of course!

2. Go to your Admin side of the work bench and select Menu Tools and then select Menu Manager

3. You may see a variety of areas you can add to your drop down menu, however in MOST cases you will see the name of the menu group say for instance "Products" and then you will see next to it a description or tag word along with it.

Products (productlist)

However this is not always the case.  With a site that has a more streamlined view of navigation, you will not see a tag word in parentheses.  

So in this case, we will select "Staff" (note there is nothing in parantheses). You will want to select the Manage Menu Group Links button.

4.  Select the manage menu group links box and along the top you will have 3 options.

  • Add a Page (the step we are taking you through here)
  • Add a Form
  • Add a Link

5. To add a page, you must have the page name.  For example, it could be  So... click on Add Page and in the box, search for a page, you can begin typing and you will see all the created pages you have added to the site.  Select the page and then click "Add Page to Menu"

6.  Last step is if you want to sort or arrange these alphabetically or by seniority... select the "Sort" button and you can click and drag however you want this arranged. 

We hope this helps!  Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you need any additional assistance!


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