What is bandwidth?

In a nutshell, bandwidth is the data that gets passed to a viewer when they watch a video. Every time someone presses play on your videos, data gets passed from our servers to their browsers, which is counted as bandwidth.

To give you a sense of the units involved here, 100 GB of bandwidth represents ~14,000 minutes of video. That's like watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy 24 times through!

How can I better predict how much bandwidth I’ll use?

We know predicting bandwidth usage isn’t easy. We've studied bandwidth consumption for years, and can now give you a ballpark figure based on a few straight-forward questions. If you need help predicting bandwidth, check out our bandwidth predictor tool.

What happens if I go over my included amount of bandwidth?

Before you exceed your allotted bandwidth, we'll send you a few email alerts letting you know you're approaching your plan allotment, and also the projected bandwidth total.

If you're on a paid plan, you'll move into pay-as-you-go bandwidth mode. This means your videos will not be shut off, and we’ll process a simple bill at the end of the month for any bandwidth you use above your included amount and that relates to your per GB Added rate on your contract.

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