Steps to Roku Channel Launch

Since your new custom branded Roku channel is only published in the Roku channel Store ONCE; this is of course the best time to find users to download your network. Ideally your channel looks as good as you can at this point. With Streamotor you can always add or delete content after you publish to Roku.

Publishing your brand in the channel store is also invaluable free promotion for your channel.  Here are some items to check before you go live in the Roku Channel Store.


Check Content Titles and Descriptions.

Typos? This will get your channel sent back to the bottom of the review queue. Are there typos on the titles of your videos or categories?  Roku demands perfection!


Check Category Imagery.

This relates to channels that have Linear or Linear-Hybrid user interfaces for their Roku channel.

Have you loaded up all the imagery for your categories. Is the imagery that is used meeting broadcast standard colors.


Share the channel with others.

Have you shown the channel to others on your team for feedback? It can help to get fresh perspectives on your channel user interface.  Do you have enough content? Too much content? This is a great way to find the answer to these questions.


Are you working with Roku's billing Platform?

Are you going to charge for your channel in some point in the future?  If yes, kindly confirm that you have set up your developer account here and have completed your billing profile with Roku.


Get Ready, Get Set, Go!

When your ready to publish just contact your Streamotor Roku project manager on you channels Basecamp account and let him know the good news.







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