How To Earn Revenue on Roku

Here are some options to generate revenue with your Roku TV everywhere channel.


1.  Subscription:

The only requirement Roku has here for pricing is that you end your monthly subscription with .99. Your options here are $0.99, $1.99, $2.99, $3.99, 4.99 and so on.

The best advice here is to consider your channel as close to free as possible.

You can hope for 1000+ subscribers to start as a long term goal. Of course, with Roku reaching 10,000,000 set top boxes sold we can hope to find many more subscribers.


Roku's Billing Platform

You have options to work with Roku's billing platform. Here Roku takes a 30% revenue share and will deposit the rest in your Pay Pal Account.

Off Platform Authentication

You can also choose to develop a custom platform that allows you to keep 100% of the revenue. In this case the viewer needs only to go to your website and sign in to authenticate.(one time setup here starts at $2000)


2.  Streamotor YUME Ads

In most cases your channel needs to reach 100,000+ views before a Third party Ad server will consider a contract together with your channel. You can always try and we are happy to introduce you to them when your ready. 

Most of the startup channels on Roku have nowhere near this amount of viewers out the gate so Imavex has partnered with YuMe and developed a solution to help those get their feet wet.

All Streamotor Roku channel solutions come with the options to integrate directly with YuMe. Rates here in most cases start at $12 per CPM.

Any revenue here is applies to your platform and CDN fees as a discount and is applied once each quarter. Options for custom integration below.


3.  Client Side Third Party Ad Serving

The Stramotor team can integrate with most any third party Ad server ike YuMe or Tremor media.  In this case you need to already have a contract with said Ad server and provide proper API , and VAST information. Contact your Channel Producer for projects setup and testing cost estimates.


more proven solutions to come shorty...


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