Calendar - Adding your sites calendar to a drop down menu group

This has a few steps to it, but if you would like to add your calendar to your drop down menus, here are the few steps you need to take to accomplish this. 

NOTE:  This is a tutorial that works if you have drop down menus.  If you do NOT have drop down menus, well... you're out of luck.  Kidding!  Just contact support and we can assist you with this process!  Pretty simple.


1.  After you log in, click on Admin Preferences on your workbench. 

2.  Look on your home screen and you will notice several options that are now available to you:

3.  Click on Menu/Module Settings

4.  Now... scroll down to the lower part of the screen, you will see all the options you can add.

5.  Click on Calendar, then... click apply. 

6.  Now, log out and log back in... you're resetting the workbench by doing this. 

7.  Now... go BACK to your workbench and click on menu tools and you will see the menu groups for YOUR site. 

8. What you will need to do is discover WHERE the calendar is at.  More than likely, it is in the main menu group, in this case.  It would have been in "Kapalua Golf".

9.  Now... select that menu group and click on "Arrange Links"

10.  You will now see a bunch of menus... look for "Calendar".  Select "Calendar" and then next to the Move button, in the drop down menu to the left, select what menu group you want it to be a part of. 

11.  Then hit apply.  The last step is after you hit the "back" button, go to the that menu group, select it, hit arrange links... and select calendar and you can arrange it where you want within that menu group.

OK... one more step... grab a green tea and say "Sugoi" to the first person you see.  Sugoi means awesome in Japanese which is what you are... "Sugoi". 


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