Google Maps - Is your location on the map not correct?

Every once in a while, we will come across a client that may have an issue with their location on Google Maps.  The address is wrong, the location is wrong, etc.  You get the idea... well, working with google support is not the easiest thing in the world but they do make it pretty easy to help us... help them.  So... here are a couple of quick tips.

1.  Go do a typical search in google, then select maps. For example type in your business and the city

2.  Check the results and make sure they are accurate.  In this example below, the search results for h2h-salon in Noblesville came up in the right place but the business name was incorrect.

3.  Below the search results, you will see "Suggest an Edit". 

4.  Click here, and then you will have all the categories available to make suggestions on changes.  The unfortunate part of this is that due to this being a google product, we don't support it. From here, it's a waiting game.  Nothing wrong with repeating this in the next day or so.

NOTE:  This is not a guaranteed fix and we suggest you log in through your google account.  

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