Pay Pal - How to add a button

Pay Pal makes it really easy for end users to add a button to their site.  And yes, adding this to our CMS is very easy and can be done in a few simple steps.

1. Of course... login as usual.

2.  Login as usual to your paypal account, for security reasons, we can not do screen shots of selected areas of the process... but we'll give you enough information to help you out.

3.  On PayPal, select Merchant Services.

4.  Then select, "Create Payment Buttons for your website"

5.  Select which option is the one you need for your site.  For this example, we will select the basic "Buy Now" button. Select the "Create a button"


6.  Follow the steps closely and when you are done, select "Create The Button" at the bottom, on the next page you will see a block of code.  Highlight this and copy it.

7.  Go to the created page on your site and click on "Web Editor"

8.  Then, click on <> html button on the upper left hand portion of the web editor. 

9.  Within this window, paste in your code where you need it and then save it.  You will need to login and log back out to reset your site. 

All that to say, your button will be where you need it and fully functional.

NOTE: PayPal runs updates on their buttons.  Check back on a regular basis to make sure your button is working properly.  To update your button, just follow the same steps as above!


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