Video - embed a youtube video

Embedding a youtube video is very easy, but there is one additional step you will need to take.  Follow these steps carefully. 

1.  Click on the link for the youtube video.  

2.  Look under the video, you will see an "About" tab and next to it a "Share" tab.  click on the Share tab.

3.  A new set of features will appear.  Next to "Share this video" is a tab, "embed".  Click on embed.

4.  When you click on embed, highlight the piece of code in the box, this is the iframe code.  Copy all of this and go to the page you are wanting to add this clip.

5.  Click on web editor.

6.  On the page, go the LAST video and click to the right of it.  Hit return on your keyboard twice.
7.  Paste your iframe code that you copied.  In the upper right hand corner, hit save.

8.  No... it still doesn't look right.

9.  Click Web Editor, once more, click save.  This refreshes the code. 


There you go!  Yes, some things in life are just that easy.

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