Newsletter - Creating a newsletter

The communication tool in your workbench is very powerful featuring some great new upgrades.  So let's get started on how to create a newsletter!

1.  Login as usual and go to your communication tools, and select "SEND newsletter".

2.  For this example, let's select "Create a New Page to send".

3.  You will be given several different options, and you may even have a "Newsletter Template".  No matter what the option is whether you pick the template or blank page, the steps are all similar. For this example, let's choose the HTML option.

Note: When it comes to creating a newsletter page, select either your custom template (if you have one) or the HTML option.  

4.  Read the instructions under Step 2: Page Information for a brief description for what you need to know about filling in the for this part of the process.

5.  You will be taken to your canvas to start creating your page.  From here, click the web editor button.  And simply begin entering text, pictures and creating hyperlinks.  For additional help in these areas, visit our help center

6.  When you are all done with your content, click the "Finish Newsletter" button in the upper right hand corner. 

7.  In your subject line, enter an appropriate subject title for your newsletter. By default it will automatically go to the correct page to send out.

8.  Next, enter the correct information and don't forget to select a mailing list to send it to! 

Note: It's highly recommended that you create a test email list.  This is a best practice so you can see what your recipients will see.  

9.  Once your confident your ready to send it out, hit SEND it will be put in the cue.  


That's all there is to it!  Don't forget to visit our help center for more helpful tips on your site! 

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