Tab Widget

Admit it... the word Widget is just fun to say.  If somewhere on your site, you have some tabs:

And you would like to add a tab to this.  Pretty easy... however you need to follow a couple important steps to add to your tab widget.  (You just smiled, didn't you...)

Here you go:

1.  Login to your work bench and go to the page you have tabs on, and go to the Web Editor.

2.  Scoll down to where you will see the Tab Widget.  It will look similar to this.

3.  After you have created your page you will want to grab the Page Widget ID you gave your new page.

4.  Now, this is where you just need to be a little careful... referring to the above image, you will need to add the following immediately after the page4 entry


NOTE: No spaces! 

so this is what it should like:

There you go!  That's all there is to it!  You are officially... the Tab Master.  It's a real thing.



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