Store Manager - Setting a flat shipping rate

If you are wanting to just have a simple flat rate for shipping, here are the steps you need to take do this this.

1.  First, login to your workbench on iWorksite and select Store Manager, then Store Settings

2.  Assuming you have all your settings, here you will to add in the Service Charge line, the amount you want for your flat rate.  For this example, let's use $5.

3.  Jump down to SHIPPING OPTIONS and you will want to select in the drop down, by Price.

4.  Just under this section, you will want to click on Manage Shipping Tables

5.  Here, you will want to set it up something like this example below.  Keep in mind, make the amount something that will be something that is typically out of reach.  However, one thing to be mindful of is that if you for some reason get a shipping order that is higher than normal, you will want to cover your shipping costs.  So, what we have here in this example is that ANY order over $499.99 will have an additional $20.00 added to it. 

Make sense?  GREAT!  You are all set.  So, following this example, any order will have a $5.00 flat shipping rate for the entire order.


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