Thank you page after a form submission

This tutorial is under the assumption that you know how to already create a page. With that, let's get started! This will show you how to have a landing page after someone submits a form. 

1.  Login as usual and go to your management tools in your work bench and select Form Manager.

2.  Select the form you would like to add your created "thank you" page to.

3.  Go to the responses tab and click there.

4.  Go to the "Create-a-page Redirect", the drop down will have all the pages you have created.

5.  Select the created "Thank You" page, scroll down to Apply and you are all set.

6. You will get something like this:

Turn to a co-worker and say, "You're welcome", and then give them the gun and wink.

Enjoy your day! 

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