Form Manager - Inserting a form into a page

This is a very simple process.  Nothing out of the ordinary, but it is important to follow a few important steps so you can avoid any issues. 

1.  Login in as usual and go your form in your form manager.  This is assuming you have already created the form. 

2.  After you click on the form, you will see an auto generated widget ID that you have given a unique name to.

3.  You will to highlight [%form: contact%] and copy this.

4.  Finally go to a created page, click on Web Editor and simply paste your widget on the page.  click save and you will see the form appear.  If you are wanting to create hyperlink from a page or file TO a form, check out this tutorial from our help center.

There you go!  Now... go grab a cup of Joe and gun and wink the first co-worker you see.

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