Album Manager- Adding an image

This tutorial will teach you how to add an image to an image banner. The image banner must be one that can be managed by the album manager in iWorksite, and the image to be added must first have been uploaded to your iWorksite image folder via the Image Manager.

  1. Log in
  2. Click on "Management Tools"  located in the left column of the work bench.
  3. Click on "Album manager" located in the menu that appears to the right.
  4. Select the album that you would like to add an image to. The album can be selected from the "Select an Album" drop down menu on the page that appears in the browser. 
    • If the album does not yet exist, you may create one by clicking on the "Create an Album" button.
  5. Click the "Add Image" button located just below the "Select an Album" drop down.
  6. Fill out the form fields that appear. Here is a description of each field:
    • Image Title -This text is title of your image.
    • Image Alt Title -Search engines will see this and direct relevant searches to your site. Also, your page will be more accessible for visually impaired visitors to your site.
    • Select an Image -This drop-down is where you select the image that you would like to add. If your image does not appear in this list, try clicking "Click here to refresh the list of images."
    • Image Link -The URL that you would like the image to link to when clicked.
    • Image Description -This text will be positioned below the image.
    • Position in Album -Do you want the image to appear at the beginning or end of your album.
  7. Click the "Add" button.
  8. If you would like to change the position of the image, you may re-order the album by editing the numbers that appear in the text boxes next to the "Edit" buttons under each image. Each image will appear in the album in number order.
    Order text box, Edit, and Remove buttons
  9. When your done entering the correct numbers for the image positions, click the "Apply Sorting Changes" button.
  10. Now your finished!  Just make sure to test the link on your site to make sure it links to the expected page.
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