Streamotor Basics for Web TV

In this this tutorial, you will get the basics on how to use your connected TV account in Streamotor. We will be reviewing the basics with your Web TV channel. Here we go! Login to your streamotor account as usual.  Then click on Web TV.  Let's get started!

Sort Categories

To sort your categories, simply click the sort categories button

Then simply click and drag the selections to arrange how you wish!

Add a Web TV Category

1.  Click on Add Category

2.  In here, you will find all the information you need to successfully add a category. Although it's self explanatory, we will walk you through it. 

2.  Give it a title.  Subtitle is is optional.

3.  In your description, be mindful this is what the end user will see.  

4.  For the mage, this will be the image on the Web TV Channel. Keep in mind there is a note the the Recommended size is 304x237 pixels, and keep the image at 72dpi.

5.  For the live Stream, let's just keep this at NO for right now. 

6.  The next option, about activating an "About Us" screen.  The description you put above this is what will show on the content of this category, when you select "yes".


7.  For "search screen" selections, chose "no" for now.  If you want the search bar on your screen, clicking yes activates the search bar.  

8.  OK, now if you want to make this page (or category) a web page, enter the URL from your created page.  To learn how to create a page, click here.

9.  Your last step, simply select the videos  that have already been uploaded.  To learn how to upload video's simply visit our help center! 


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