You have PDF that downloads one day... but not the next...

You've created a hyperlink that will take a customer or client to an online application or sales brochure.  You want them to be able to download, print, or read this attachement.  You did this on a Thursday and it worked just fine... but now on Friday... it doesn't work!

Well... this issue can be easily remedied, and is honestly a common problem.

What you have is a temporary URL.

Which will look something like this:

When in actuality... it should look like this:

See the difference?  Well, what you are missing is the series of numbers in the correct URL.  This called a hash or an ID.  Here is where the problem comes in.  Very often, clients will contact support because "Yesterday the link worked, but today it doesn't".  That's because it's only available for 24 ours.  So, how do you prevent this?

Quite simple actually.

Don't copy and paste the URL from your browser window, ONLY use the file manager and select the URL using the "show details" feature on that specific document.

So there you go! Now go change the world, one PDF at a time.  

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    Jennifer Jopling

    This was very helpful and well done! I started a request and when I typed my question this popped up, which completely solved my problem.

    Thank you Imavex!!