Connected TV - Managing Subscriptions

Managing your subscriptions is extremely simple!  It's so simple... let's just get started.

1.  In your browser enter your domain/login.php

2.  With your username and password, go ahead and login as usual with the username and password you have been provided.  

3.  On your iWorksite Workbench, click on "Miscellaneous Tools" and then "Manage Subscriptions"

4.  Although this is pretty self explanatory, we will walk you through this explain a few things.

5.  Go ahead and click on "Add Subscription"

6. Give a Subscription Title

7.  Select a Recurring Period

8.  If you want this subscription to have a "free trial", please let your customers know that billing will start immediately after the trial. So, if the trial is 7 days, automatic billing will start on the 8th day.  

9.  For the terms and conditions, this can be left blank OR it can be any legal documentation your company has regarding your services.  Terms and conditions will be on the next page.

10.  If you require a promotional code, make the code simple and easy for marketing purposes.  The expiration date is a simple pop up calendar that will expire on the day selected.

That's it!  Now... go get a Carmel Macchiato and tell the Barista what you accomplished.  You are amazing.

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