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When it comes to replacing an image on a page there are a couple of things you need to be careful with. First, the image size.  You need to be aware of the image size on your page so when you replace the image it will be a direct replacement and won't interfere with any styling.  Second, make sure all your images are at 72 dpi!  Larger images can and will create longer load times.  

OK... so let's get started. In this brief tutorial, we are going to be replacing an image or the same size. 

1.  Login into your workbench as usual.  

2.  If your image is being used in a created page, go to that page and click on the image OR simply go to your image manager and click on the image to get the pixel size.  The pixel dimensions of the image being used will show up on the upper left hand corner of the image. 

3.  Now there are 2 schools of thought if you want to simply replace the image that is currently being used.  With your new image, give it the SAME name as the image being used.  In other words, if your current image is title pic_image.jpg, simply name your NEW image the same name.  Upload the image into the same directory and you are all done.  


You will lose that old image as you have just over written it with your new image.

So... here is the suggested method

4.  Upload your new image into the the directory with a naming convention you will recognize.

5.  Go back to your web editor of the page you want to replace the image. SINGLE click on the image, it will have a slight blue overlay of the image. An example is below:

6.  Next, go to the image icon, click here.

7.  Go the folder/directory of where your picture is.  Remember, select the picture and make sure it's the same size as the previous picture.  You can also adjust the pixels of the new image.  You just need to make sure whatever adjustments you make to the width are the same adjustments to the height and vice versa.  In other words if you take of 30 pixels of the height, you need to take off 30 pixels of the width.  If not... the picture may appear distorted.

8.  After you pictures is selected simply click apply, OK and then save!  You're all set!

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