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Newsletters are fantastic and with the added element of video, it can really amp up the content you are attempting to communicate.  To accomplish this, you use your Streamotor account or any other streaming video services (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) that will give you the proper code to embed the video.  There are several steps to this, but in short overall this is fairly easy to do.  So to accomplish this, we will be using Streamotor as our our example.

1.  Login into to your iWorksite workbench and click on Communication Tools, then select Send Newsletter.

2.  For this example, we will create a new Newsletter. So select the option "Create a new page to send"

3.  In your new window, select the HTML option

4.  On step 2 of this (the next page after you select the HTML option) you will have a new page open. Fill this out and make sure you read the instructions above so you know what content you are entering and what it's purpose is.


Link Text = What will display in the navigation

Permalink = the url that will be connected with this page

Page Header = The title of your page that will display at the top.

NOTE: At a minimum, Link Text and Page Header are required.  

5.  When you click next, your new page will be displayed.  You will see tools that you are probably familiar with, specifically the Web Editor.  NOTE: only write your written content and add images in your web editor. The video embed is in a step that follows.

6.  Write out your content, add still images as needed.  Style it the way you want.  Now... we are ready to add the highlight of your newsletter!

7.  Grab the embed code from your streaming source, in this case we are using Streamotor.  

8.  Go to Streamotor and login into your account and chose the video (Don't worry, You Tube and Vimeo tips are at the end of this article) you wish to embed. 

9. After you have selected the proper video.  On the right hand side of the page you will see the "Publish" section. You want to copy the "script" tags as the first option.  There is an alternate iFrame version if you wish to use that.

10. After you have copied that, SAVE what you have done in your Web Editor and then click on EDIT HTML.  NOTE: This can be slightly tricky if you are not careful. So here's your Imavex tip of the Day.  Write your content in the web editor up until the point where you want to add the video.  Then click, the Edit HTML button.

11.  When you open this... depending on how much content you have writen it may look a little overwhelming if your not using HTML.  But don't worry!  

Here is a sample BEFORE the script tag:

Here is a sample AFTER you add the script tag (It's highlighted so you can see it more clearly):

12.  Now, if you want to continue writing text and making additions.  IMMEDIATELY after the final </script> tag, simply write something like "more content" and then save it. Go back to your web editor, find what you wrote and make sure it is all styled the same way, and continue adding content as you wish.  

13.  We're almost there!  OK, now simply click on Finish Newsletter when you are all done.

14.  Give a subject to your email, by deafult, the page you have been working on will already be selected.  

15. Select your email list and select next. NOTE: Always send a test email first!  Set up a test email list to do this. 

16.  On the last page, confirm your newsletter and if everything looks right... simply hit SEND. 

Now, go take a break... you deserve it!  

YouTube and Vimeo Emed code:

For YouTube, simply click on the video you want to embed, under the video you will see a "Share" button, then click on "Embed"

Copy and paste this into the HTML section of your newsletter. 


Click on the video you want to add, in the upper right hand corner, if the author of the video allows this, you will see a paper airplane icon, this is the "share" icon.

Click on this and all the options to share will come up. Highlight, copy and enter the embed option into the HTML portion of your editor.

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