Blog - Keep Image in snippet view, but remove from Blog view

Did ya catch that? Some of our clients enjoy having an image in the blog roll of their site, but would like to actually have that removed from the blog entry.  For example, here is the blog roll:

And here is that same blog without the snippet image.

So, to accomplish this here are the steps you need to take.

1. First, let's grab your image that you would like to use in your "snippet view".  Grab the image tag from the image you want to use, it will look something like this:

<img src='' border='0'>

Note: it's a good idea to maybe paste this to Notepad or TextEdit (Mac)

2.  Go to your blog manager and go to the blog you want to edit and click on the center icon, to edit that entry.

3.  Go to the Blog Entry Snippet View

Paste your image tag here. Immediately after the ">" You can additional content if you wish, keep in mind you are limited to only 225 characters and the img tag DOES count as part of the 225 charachters.

4.  Click save and you are all done!

Now... go to a coworker and invite them over for a Harry Potter Marathon.

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