Creating a Hyperlink to Download Files (Clubworksite)

To create a link to download a PDF, jpg, or any other type of file is pretty straight forward. However, there are a couple of points to take note on.

1.  First upload your file to the File Manager (If you are uncertain as to how to do this, check out our video, iWorksite Basics for a complete tutorial on the basics of the management tools). 

2.  After you upload your file, click on the file you want to have end users to download.  You will see an area to select entitled "Show Details".

3. Click "Show Details" and you will get a new screen with a "Download URL" link.

4.  Highlight this URL and copy it.

5.  Go into your web editor to what ever page you would like to create a link to download your document.

6.  Highlight the text you want to be your link, and then click on the chain link icon (it's the icon on the far left in the image below).

7.  After you click on the link, you will get a new window... past your download URL into the top text area.  Leave the drop down to the left blank.

8.  If you would like to have this document open in a new tab, select the drop down to the left of "Target" and select "Blank". 

9.  Select insert and you are all done!

Now... hyperlink master, go get a nice hot cup of Joe and high five the first co-worker you see. 

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