Web Editor - Bookmarks

Bookmarks is a great way to create hyperlinks that will take you to a specific portion of the page you are wanting to go. Especially if there is considerable content on a given page.  Bookmarks within the web editor are not quite the same as a web page bookmark, although they do have a similar function in that it will take you to a destination.

Here goes!

1.  Go to the area of the page where you want your bookmark to take you to

2.  Highlight the text and then click on the bookmark icon, it looks a little like an anchor

3.  Give a name to the Bookmark (and a description if you would like)

4.  Next, go to the text that you want to have as your link. Highlight the text and click on the hyperlink icon. It's the icon that looks like a chain link.

5.  Now, select bookmark, and in the drop down select the bookmark you created, hit apply, OK, and then save!

That's it, you now have a bookmark!


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