Album Manager

This tutorial shows you how to create an image and creating a hyperlink to that album:


1.  Import files to your image manager

2.  Create a new album

3.  Go to Admin Preferences, scroll down to album type, pick how you want the album displayed AFTER, you click on the thumbnail (more on this).

4.  Create Your thumbnail (150 wide x 100tall for example) and upload this to your file manager

5.  Create a page for the album’s to display on. 

6.  Open your web editor, and pick a table for how many thumbnails you want on on this page.

7.  Insert your thumbnail(s) into the table you created.

8.  Go BACK to the album manager, select the album you want.  

9.  One you select this album, you want to copy the URL in your browser window.

10.  Go BACK to the page that will display the thumbnails

11.  Click on the thumbnail image, click on the chain link icons (you’re creating a hyperlink) and paste the URL you copied earlier into URL path text area.  KEEP the drop down to the left, empty.

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