Store Manager - Sorting Departments

Sorting Departments is easy in iWorksite.  As your store grows you will want to be able to sort out Departments as well as sub departments.  

1.  Login in as usual, and go to the Store Manager on your iWorksite Workbench

2.  In your Main Departments, section, click on the "Sort" Button.

3.  Now, you can drag and drop your Departments as you wish!  When you're done, simply click on the "Back" Button.


1.  Click on any of your departments that have sub departments. 

2.  You are now in the section for the sub departments. 

3.  Under subdepartments, click sort.

4.  Simply drag and drop your sub departments and click back when you are done!

Now... go walk around the office with arms raise high and yell, "I"m King of the World!".

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